Thursday, March 19, 2009

Even Sigstad up North

fieldproductions has been filming the last days in Lofoten, Norway
Not the best conditions the say, but a fun trip.
Even is super stocked about the scenery!
Pictures shoot by Filip Christensen.

Gold and Bronze at Gullblyanten 2008

Whiteout won Gold for Graphic Design and Bronze for Art Direction at the Norwegian advertising competition Gullblyanten.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


MegaPark will be gathering international ski-, snowboard-, camera and video masters to five days of fun in the park. From 20th through 24th of March 2009, they will play together with huge kickers and innovative park elements at Oppdal, Norway.

The Whiteout team is representative through Even Sigstad and Ida Amble as instructors. Furthermore Johan Berg the youngest Whiteout team member will be there together Dedicated Pictures to get footage for their new video project.



In front of over 10.000 spectators in Bad Gastein, Austria, Comrade Patrick Hollaus was doing one of his best competitions so far this season. With his 4th place at Red Bull Play Streets he missed the podium but brought himself once again into the international spotlights.

Patrick did in his semi –final run nose 3 on the hip, cork 7 reverse mute to backslap on the table, cork 7 on the step down, and backside switch up, front side switch up, 270 out of the box. It was not enough for the finals but Patrick was stoked - like always - about his performance!